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Tuesday, April 13th

We get a surprise from the heavens

music: Viennese Waltz
mood: Serendipitous

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pscully on 04.13.10 @ 09:51 PM CET [link]

Sketches for the Ballet

music: silence
mood: a fresh breeze after a long winter of closed windows

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pscully on 04.13.10 @ 09:24 PM CET [link]

Ballet for Boats - Back in Berlin, by boat

music: Carnival of Animals
mood: Playful

A few years ago, I found myself looking out on the Havel River -
which flows past the fabrik, a center for contemporary dance and performance in Potsdam,
like the Mississippi flows past the Nicollet Island Inn in Minneapolis -
and I thought, someday someone is going to use this water as the stage for a beautiful performance.

I mentioned this to Sven, one of the fabrik's directors. He invited me to come to Potsdam in May of 2009 to get the perfromance started. And now it is happenning!

I'll do my best to keep this as a rehearsal blog for the Dance on the Deep Sea - a Ballet for Boats.
Tanz im Tiefen See - ein Ballett für Boote.

Meahwhile, here are a couple of links to actually see,
in video and photos, what I am writing about:
Link to Facebook

& Link to youtube
(Click on my name there, and it should bring up at least 7 very short videos of the rehearsals)
pscully on 04.13.10 @ 09:15 PM CET [more..]

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